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GypsyCat Publications is the home-based business of author Anne McCourtie. There are currently four books in print (See Products page). There are a limited number of these titles available as we have gone to e-books instead. To order an autographed copy of a book, please contact us and tell us whom the autograph should be written and if there are any messages you want to include.  If the book is for a child, please indicate the child's age. For e-books, you may go to

Besides the four books in print, there are a few small books that can be printed upon request.  One of those is the little book that started it all - "Short Tails (And Other Philosophical Pieces) from The Lonesome Duck Ranch" which is a collection of essays and stories of life on the farm.

We would also like to invite you to visit the website of our imprint, Periwinkle Meadow Press, which offers the children's book, Adventures in Periwinkle Meadow, in PDF format.  The book is designed to be used in churches or homes for teaching spiritual principles to young children.  As time goes on, we will be adding to the products we develop related to the stories as well as a second book which is a continuation of the stories contained in the first book.  To take a peek, go to .  Let us know what you think!






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